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my metal weekend last weekend

last week i went with stu of metal see fuckin exodus and megadeth...i can definately say this was the best concert ive been was fuckin awesome...first it was 18+ and we werent sure if we cud get in...we had an idea tho...since stu goes to coc, he wud just bring his id card from there, and i wud borrow my brother's....we got to wear they were checkin ids and i was scared as fuck...i showed him the coc card, and he looked at it and sed there was no date on there...i juss sed...yea i guess not...and he asked if i was 18 and i sed of course and he let me in...with stu...he had another guy and he showed him the coc card...stu sed he didnt have a drivers liscence and thats all he had...the guy just sed its a fuckin college id so fuck it and he let him in...that was fuckin great...we get in and he are in the front against the was fuckin sweet...first exodus goes on and tears the fuckin place apart with new singer that was unknown...he wasnt bad...but i sure do miss paul played about 8 songs including bonded by blood and a lesson in violence which owned...they didnt play strike of the beast...but thats alright...they were fuckin great...then it wsant that long of a wait till MEGADETH..fuckin great...they played all their greats...including a tout le mounde, 99 ways to die, trust, peace sells, tornado of souls, kick the chair, holy wars, hangar 18, sweating bullets, and symphony of destrucion...fuckin great...mustaine was in great shape since his "bizarre gardening accident" lol and yea...he ripped on metallica which was funny as hell...he was like..."id like to thank friends exodus also from cali...becuz unlike some people (metallica) i dont forget where i came from! those fact, i even wrote a song about em...SOMETHING IM NOT!" then he tore it apart and played the song...which was fuckin great...haha...well much great things happened and it was awesome...then after me and stu went to dennys and that was all..the next day...evne more fuckin metal...ANTHRAX AND DIO! it will be just as great...ive been wantin to see anthrax for a long time...and then fuckin DIO! it was great..

first off stu gets dropped off here and we head off to greek theater for fuckin anthrax and DIO! i decide to buy my dio shirt first of course, then we get our seats. juss hangin back and theres this fat guy with an m&m jacket on and he was just sitting there with the jacket over his head and it made him look like a damn m&m also was the funniest shit all night..cudnt stop laughing...he stood in the same position, didnt move a muscle thru the WHOLE concert haha. so yes...moving on to the concert...anthrax....wasnt wat i expected...they played about 6 songs....half of em on their new album and half from old kinda sucked...the old shit they played was played pretty slow, so it wasnt that cool...but they did play 2 favorites, caught in a mosh and indians. so yea...then they busted out with fuckin deathrider! that was sweet. the rest was yea..then moving on to fuckin dio! well they opened with master of the moon, which is from new cd and isnt really bad...i like it actually..his new cd actually owns..they also played greats like stand up and shout, killing the dragon, king of rock and roll, sacred heart, the eye, and then even busted out with some classic rainbow songs! for those who dont know, which is everybody, its dio's first band. my favorite, stargazer was great live. then they did a couple of other rainbow songs, like gates of babylon and long live rock and roll...then they had a great closing few songs...first, heaven and hell. which was fuckin awesome cuz they turned off every light in the stadium, then shone the bright red light on only dio and it looked like he had a glowing red aura...that was sweet. then he moved into holy fuckin diver! god i love that song...then the last 2, which were last in line, and rainbow in the dark which they ended with...damn wat a great show...of course doesnt beat megadeth, but it was still up there...

that was my METAL weekend..\m/
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